Frequently Asked Questions

What determines the price of storage services?

Price depends on the conditions and volume (pallets) of storage of goods, as well as the duration (period) storage of goods and materials.

What will be if my good in the warehouse is spoilt?

If it is written in the contract about the responsibility of our company for compliance and provision of information on expiration date or of it is spoilt as a result of our fault/incompliance of temperature regime/ we will reimburse the cost of production.

Can your company consolidate goods before dispatching to Moscow?

Yes, our company provides services of cargo consolidation and prepares them for shipment, and we ourselves can take away part of the cargo as required by you and move it to our warehouse.

If I keep my goods in your warehouse and the tax audit comes to me and requires to take inventory, How will the process take place?

At your request we prepare report on balances and verify it for the representatives of tax service. In case of necessity of the physical checks on certain items we put the goods on the ramp for conversion (individual items and / or pallets) in your presence. 

How can I get the goods, which are stored in your warehouse?

Our company is not a seller of the goods, but we support a platform for co-operation for our customers, helping them to cooperate with each other and deliver to the door.

Can you deliver a container from China and immediately plunge it to my clients?

We are engaged in international transport with our partners, we perform customs clearance for you independently in the territory. If we initially submit the all applications to us, we immediately (without storage) can ship all orders to your customers by customs clearance.

Why are your services more expensive than the cost of renting of a small warehouse?

Perhaps,  you have not taken into consideration the all expenses while renting a warehouse. Besides the renting, utility bills, wages, cost of equipment, security, you will have to carry a lot of additional expenses. If  counting the entire annual budget for renting a warehouse, our services are the lowest ones having the best quality and conditions.

If I consider the issue of closing my storage/renting/, what should I do for moving to your warehouse of responsible keeping in order not to finish shipment and not to lose sales?

In the scopes of initial negotiations, while signing a contract, our specialists develop a plan of moving for your warehouse. In case of special agreement, we can organize moving ourselves and you will need to form pallets with goods for shipment. Usually the moving takes place during the weekend/ Sunday, Saturday/, so you will not have losses of sales. We guarantee high level service for your clients.

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