Rental of the Warehouse

The warehouse territories are also leased in the territory of logistic service “Urban Logistic Services”.

Our clients use leasing territories for the maintenance of archives and documentation; furniture and commercial equipment; marketing materials and gift sets; durable commodities, do not require special storage conditions (temperature) etc.

The advantage of leasing a warehouse in the territory of logistic service ULS is flexibility in the organization of its logistics: you can borrow storage space for rent as an accessory, while keeping the goods in the central warehouse of ULS or increasing the volumes of the remains in the leasing warehouse You can order the services of responsible maintenance in the central warehouse.

At this stage, the company Urban Logistic Services offers its customers to rent warehouse space of about 20 different sizes ranging from 70 to 500 square meters:м.

  • 1 storage room - 70 sq.m.
  • 1 storage room - 120 sq.m.
  • 5 storage spaces - 150 sq.m.
  • 1 storage room - 250 sq.m.
  • 5 storage spaces - 300 sq.m.
  • 2 warehouse premises - 430 sq.m.
  • 2 warehouse premises - 500 sq.m.

The followings are included in the leasing of the warehouse territories of ULS:

  • protection of the territory (access to the storage, access control, etc.);
  • fire safety and fire alarm systems;
  • the cost of electricity (only coverage.


For the provision of effective work of leasing warehouse the company ULS also submits the different additional services/ not included in the cost of leasing:

  • Loading/unloading of goods for leasing warehouses on a common frame (followed by the placement of the central warehouse);
  • Parking of vehicles in the territory of the logistics center; hourly work of professional movers and picker;
  • Order pickers on invoices and delivery to consignees.

The all warehouse leased territories of ULS are dry warehouses, the height of which is 3.5-4 m., equipped with gates for easy loading / unloading. If the client wants we may equip the warehouse with shelves and other equipment or allow the customer to equip his/her own warehouse.
Logistic center:
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