100% secure storage
Warehouse security measures
ULS is fenced by a 4.5-7-meter tall wall, barriers and barbed wire. Motion sensors are set up along the perimeter. The emergency alarm sends a direct signal to the police and Ministry of Emergency Situations when the detectors go off.
All vehicles and visitors must pass through a manned security checkpoint to enter or exit the complex. The railway checkpoint is separate. The complex has two emergency exits. Entrance to the warehouse for cars is secured by a checkpoint and double traffic barriers for two-way traffic.
In order to prevent unauthorized entry, access to the warehouse is controlled by an electronic access control system at the warehouse checkpoint. Only authorized employees can enter the warehouse. Automatic gates prohibit entry to certain areas. All security procedures are recorded in the security guidelines.
Indoor and Outdoor surveillance
The warehouse complex is equipped with indoor and outdoor surveillance cameras. The outdoor premises are supervised through CCTV cameras.
The complex is equipped with cameras in the rack systems and the area around the ramp to monitor the loading and materials handling processes.
Job safety
Our safety and security measures meet international and local standards according to the RA legislation.
Our safety and security engineer supervises all processes taking place, adherence to the regulations and standards, instructs and trains new employees, and conducts compliance attestation.
Our technical maintenance team consists of 8 employees who are in charge of maintaining and repairing the equipment and infrastructures (internal and external) and ensure that they are always fully operational.
Loading zone
Our warehouse complex meets the requirements of European and international standards of material-handling.
Vehicles are loaded/unloaded in the loading zone using leveling loading docks, dock levelers and leveling platforms. Thus, entry is prohibited to the loading docks for safety purposes.
Currently, we have 15 loading docks.
Specialized and responsible employees
Our team of employees at ULS have extensive experience in working with and storing different types of cargo.
Our team members working at the warehouse are regularly trained and the results are tested in order to ensure high quality and high level of customer service.
During our general and job instruction trainings, we pay special attention to safety regulations while operating machinery and material handling.
Logistic center:
62/23 Araratyan str., Yerevan, 0043, RA
+374 60 70 60 60