5 reasons to cooperate with us

Cooperating with warehousing services provided by professional logistic operators, results in savings and lower investments in logistic (warehouse) infrastructure. As a result, there is no need to build or rent warehouse spaces, nor to furnish them with expensive warehouse equipment. The reduction of logistic costs (including transportation, customs, warehouse, delivery, etc.) in the case of cooperation with the logistic operator ensures that you pay only for the actual volumes of movement and storage of goods.
Besides, the function of 3PL operator is based on the idea of providing comprehensive logistic services. Using one window-based logistics service is very convenient and profitable. There is no need to look for various logistic services providers every time (transport, customs, storage, etc.).
In the case of cooperation with a logistic operator, it is possible to convert fixed costs into variable, improving your company's financial stability.

Among the many advantages of working with a specialized company are the comprehensive full-package services provided by the logistic operator, which can hardly be compared with those delivered by even the most professional in-house staff. One can match the services of logistic operator with those of car repair: theoretically you are able to do all that your car needs, but the professional responsibility, quality and safety of the firm will allow you to get a completely different level of service and results.

You can gain a significant competitive advantage by cooperating with the logistics operator. Your business may overcome the competition as a result of high quality services, speed, savings in investments, reduction of production and fixed costs, new services and innovative interactions with the market.

The logistics operator is constantly ready to support the development of the business of its clients regardless of the market conditions. The logistics operator works 24/7 without holidays, regardless of season, crises, and other factors.
Thanks to 3PL, launching a new business, expanding or modifying an existing one (for example, starting to deliver in units instead of boxes) is possible without any additional cost.

Outsourcing logistics has become a growing global trend due to its efficiency throughout the course of years. Leading companies use the services of logistic operators all over the world allowing them to focus on their core business without spending any extra resources on logistics.
This global trend is now available through the Urban Logistic Services. European quality logistics provided by ULS is unique for Armenia in terms of the storage conditions and security guarantee. While building each component of the warehouse and other facilities, we were led by the desire to bring the best European experience to Armenia.
Logistic center:
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