Packaging / Labeling

While working with the goods and orders the company regularly needs different additional processes, which are connected with the demands of clients, as well as there are some problems relating the legislation of the country.

It is not profitable to keep and rent a separate staff, to invest new equipment and spend means on purchase of consumables for the implementation of those processes and it does not ensure the necessary quality and speed of the work.

Since the first days of opening The logistic Centre ULS provides unique services of pre-sale preparation and processing of products.

In the central warehouse complex the ULS is equipped with special productive zone in which professional brigade implements all services relating the operative development of goods.


The list of services of the Logistic centre ULS on the development of goods:

  • Processing of returns (reception, sorting, repacking, the creation of new units, classification according to discounts);
  • Rejection at acceptance (according to the approved criteria);
  • Formation of the pallet (including the provision of pan);
  • Weight control (for acceptance and shipping);
  • Stretching of pallets via palletizer (stretch film and tape);
  • Eat dimensions and weighing products (creation of card catalog);
  • Creating, printing and bar code sticker on the box / carton and pallet.


The all services on the development of goods can be provided in the scopes of complex service and separately.

The list of services of logistic centre ULS on Presales products:

  • Packaging and repackaging of products (in our packaging or containers of the client);
  • Creation of gift / promotional packs, kits and units;
  • Creation of units (packages and boxes) of placer;
  • Create, print and label stickers with the composition / description of the products;
  • Translation of product information (from any language), the creation of sticker (desired size) and its label on each unit of production;
  • Sticker of excise stamps for alcohol and other products (import / export);
  • Excise sticker (authorization) of the Armenian stamps on imported products;
  • Preparation of various documents for the products for export and import.


Our unique services on presale preparation and development of goods will allow our clients to work in compliance with all world demands, for example during the export and sale in the commercial networks.

Logistic center:
62/23 Araratyan str., Yerevan, 0043, RA
+374 60 70 60 60