The Company Urban Logistic Services offers unique services in the sphere of warehousing in the territory of Armenia with the help of their modern unique logistic centre, having class A of warehouse complex, which corresponds to all world standards.

Our partners can forget the rent of warehouses and large investments in the field of own warehouse infrastructure, and in favor of our warehouse complex services they have opportunity decrease their expenses and increase their sells.


  • responsible storage of all types of goods ;
  • rent of warehouses of different sizes;
  • responsible maintenance and rent of cold
             warehouses ( from 20 up to -28; от 0 till +10 0C);

  • receipt and shipment of cargoes;
  • packaging and shipping of orders;
  • pre-delivery of products (packaging, labeling, etc.);
  • reception and shipping of vehicles of any kind.

The cooperation with our company takes out the all logistic risks. We are responsible for the maintenance of goods of our clients, ensuring the all possible risks.

  • modern shelving equipment
    ROSSS S.p.A.(Italy);

  • grade of loading equipment
    Linde Material Handling (Germany);

  • safe transshipment of docks and gates
    Hormann KG (Germany);

  • unique software
    Generix Group (France).
Proving its uniqueness, logistic centre ULS guarantees:

- The safety and security of your goods;
- Ideal storage conditions (cleanliness and sanitation);
- Work in various temperature conditions (-25, -10, 0, + 180C);
- Operation mode of controlled humidity (60% RH);
- Receipt and shipment of all types of cargo;
- Storage of goods in any period (from 1 up to 5 years);
- The timeliness, precision assembly and fulfillment.

We offer Armenian and foreign companies to increase their competitiveness through the ability to take orders and ship the goods in 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Logistic Service ULS works 24 hours without holidays and weekends.
Logistic center:
62/23 Araratyan str., Yerevan, 0043, RA
+374 60 70 60 60