Company Overview

Urban Logistic Services (ULS) is the only logistic operator in Armenia, providing complete Third Party Logistics (3PL) services. The services we provide include responsible storage of cargo goods, tagging, labeling, packaging, , compiling orders, shipping and delivering. ULS was founded in 2014. Upon completion of the undergoing construction works hand in hand with our professional team, early in 2015 we launched full scale fully equipped modern day warehouse service.

Our professional team finished the construction of the premises early in 2015. So we launched our services providing full-scale fully equipped modern warehousing services.

As the result of completion of Phase 1 renovation/reconstruction project, the Warehouse Complex of Company is now provided by the following facilities:

  • Central warehouse with a capacity of 30.000 sq.m, of which 32.000 pallets are located on an area of 20.000 sq.m, as well as 10,000 sq.m of storage area for dry storage and with humidity control
  • Handling area on both sides of the Warehouse complex - each 2.500 sq.m
  • Storage premises for rent with a total area of 5.000 sq.m (22 separate warehouses)
  • Cold storage area of 2.100 sq.m (9 cold stores with different temperatures up to -30 degrees) with a total capacity of 7.000 cbm
  • Office building - 2.000 sq.m
  • Customs terminal - 2.500 sq.m
  • Other infrastructure with a total area of 2.800 sq.m


Urban Logistic Services currently partners with more than 150 Armenian and international companies, providing them services such as cross-docking, responsible storage, warehouse handling services, packaging, delivery, fresh logistics and other services. ULS supports its clients in developing their businesses by solving all the logistic matters. Partnering with ULS you:

  • Reduce expenses on warehouse storage
  • Optimize logistic processes
  • Focus financial resources and efforts on the development of the core business.


Logistic center:
62/23 Araratyan str., Yerevan, 0043, RA
+374 60 70 60 60