100% secure storage of goods
Perimeter monitoring system, access to the territory, security
The territory of warehouse complex of ULS is fenced with walls the height of which is 4.5-7 m., partially equipped with barbed wire. The system of motion sensors is installed along the perimeter of the fence the system of security signalization with Police and MES is installed at the point guard.
The complex has one general entrance/exit for transport means and visitors the access to the territory for people having transport means is possible only by checkpoint. Entrance and exit of railway wagons and two alarm inputs / outputs also exist.
Two-way traffic is organized for transport means, which is regulated by checkpoint. In order to control the access to the territory of warehouse complex, dual system of barriers for the simultaneous entry / exit of the two units of vehicles is established.
The security of perimeter and the control of the access in the territory are implemented by the professional secure company in 24/7 format with dedicated staff of 6-8 people, depending on the volume of work.
Security storage is implemented with the help of separate inner security posts while entering to the building of the warehouse. System of personal passes with fixations and permits access only to certain facilities and areas of the warehouse is established in order to provide the control of entrance in the warehouse complex. The all procedures of security are fixed in the special confirmed instructions.
Fire safety and signalization
Fire extinguisher line, which has 7 hydrants, is hold along the perimeter of the territory. In case of emergency situations pump is activated, which provides a lot of pressure in the system.
There are two swimming pools of daily regulation in the territory, each of which is 180m3. The water supply system in the territory is connected to the central highway area/ fire protection unit is provided from the same highway/.
Fire protection unit is 500 meter far from the territory of warehouse complex, which provides fast reaction to the possible problems.
Fire safety inside the warehouse is provided at the expense of sprinkler system (1600 pcs.), firefighting mounted over all areas of the warehouse and racking construction and storage of goods. Fire alarm system is installed in the warehouse complex.
60 fire extinguishers are installed along the whole territory of the complex, 31 of which are installed in the central warehouse building, 42 ones are fire protection shields. 6 tower-lightning rods are installed in the territory to prevent fires and problems with the impact of lightning during a thunderstorm.
Lighting in the
warehouse complex,
safety grids
The entire territory of the warehouse complex is illuminated by standard means of lighting that ensures the security and the inability to hide any movement.
Safety grid is provided by 2 transformers 1000 / 6-04. There are two emergency power supply options in the territory: one with the other substation and and a generator to ensure the needs of the warehouse, with an engine capacity of 850 kW MAN.
Lighting inside the warehouse is provided by 420 fluorescent lamps. The lighting system includes a complete coverage of all areas of the warehouse, the passage between racking and mezzanine passages, corridors and most products which are placed on the row of pallet racks with side loading.
The area of ULS warehouse complex is illuminated by 62 light poles, 24 external fixtures on buildings that provide full visibility of the territory at night.
Internal and external
Video surveillance
Internal and external Video surveillance is installed in the territory of the warehouse complex. The whole territory is can be seen by 21 CCTV cameras.
The complex is equipped with 285 cameras in the rack systems and the ramp to control the process of loading / unloading and handling of inventory of material assets.
Information from the cameras is stored for 30 days on a single server. The control of all procedures and events, which happen in the warehouse complex are monitored with the help of video cameras in 24/7 regime by separate specialists.
Intercom Systems
All the buildings and premises of the warehouse, as well as the main storage area are equipped with IP telephony, which provide continuous monitoring and high response to any event.
Security and warehouse workers, who move in and around the territory of the warehouse complex are equipped with separate radios Motorola's for constant availability.
Health and safety
A system of occupational health and safety work is installed in the warehouse complex in compliance with the legislation of RA and World Standards of the work of logistic warehouse complexes.
Special dedicated engineer on work safety monitors the implementation of all norms and standards, conducts briefings and training of new employees, the certification of existing workers.
Technical service of the warehouse complex with the staff of 8 people is responsible for quality permanent work of all equipment and infrastructures/ inner and external/, implements technical service and repairs in-line.
Closed ramps
(reloading docks)
Warehouse complex works in the format of European and world standards for receiving and shipping inventory of material values.
Shipping / loading of vehicles is carried out on the ramp closed by reloading docks fitted with dock leveler. Thus, free access to the body and to the goods from unauthorized persons is not possible. Total stock found 15 transshipment docks, after the launch of the second stage is planned to dock in the total number of 45 pieces.
Locked ramp and work with the help of the loading dock (dock shelters) provide complete safety of cargo due to snug fit to the car body to the construction of dock-shelter (minimized air circulation, temperature, dust, dirt, moisture).
Hardware (racks, gates and handling equipment)
The most modern and European equipments, which have all necessary certification of quality and safety, are installed and applied.
Rack systems, having Ross brand/Italy/, having seismic performance and guarantying racking works on loading the safety 1.5-1.8. Handling equipment Linde Material Handling (Germany) provides an accurate, smooth and safe movement of goods and warehouse processing of goods.
26 sectional doors -Hormann KG (Germany) with automatic discovery are installed in the warehouse complex.
Professional and responsible personal
The warehouse complex ULS has a team of professionals with extensive experience in the implementation of storage services for different types of cargo. The entire staff is permanent, formed under the rules and laws of the Republic of Armenia.
Warehouse staff receives regular training and testing to improve the skills and quality of customer service. During the education and training the special attention is given to the safety of all types of equipment and accuracy with respect to commodity wealth.
Building insurance, professional liability toward the business and commodity stocks and supplies in custody
The all elements/ goods from damage by third parties, the building and infrastructure of the warehouse, as well as the business itself/ necessary for the implementation of logistic services are insured in ULS/.
The additional insurance of commodity material assets in custody can be made in case of request of clients.
Logistic center:
62/23 Araratyan str., Yerevan, 0043, RA
+374 60 70 60 60