Storage conditions
Temperature regime
Urban Logistic Services provides the service with the help of unique professional warehouse in Armenia with 100% regulating permanent temperature regime and moisture regime. In the central warehouse complex of ULS the central ventilation is established, which allows to provide the permanent temperature 18ºС and moisture 60at any season in the warehouse.
Separately 9 cameras with temperature regime were put into operation, 6 of which work from 0 up to 8ºС, two (-)28 ºС and one (-)25 ºС. Besides in the separate warehouse territories it is possible to establish special temperature and moisture for separate types of goods, such as tobacco products.
The warehouse complex ULS is a completely closed territory, where a moisture, dust, dirt, water, snow and debris cannot enter the territory at the expense of application of modern unloading docks and gates. The special anti-dust coating provides clean floor with the stock handling.
For the purity of warehouse complex (remove of dirt and dust as a result of warehouse processing) industrial washing machines are used, which clean the warehouse and equipment at any time . Appearance of goods, which are under the responsible storage in ULS will be always perfect, especially while palletizing in stretch film for storage.
Sanitary system
The all territory of warehouse complex of ULS and its separate buildings are checked and protected against animals and insects.
A contract was signed between “Ekodez” LLC, which is considered to be a leading company of Armenia, according to which once or twice a week the company organizes total disinfection throughout the warehouse complex of ULS.
Form of storage and packaging
The all goods in the central warehouse complex of ULS are kept on pallets in case of being in racking systems or individual floor areas. The boxes are stored in special racks or shelf stacked on pallets. The all pallets are packed with the help of a palletizer with stretch film in several layers for securing cargo on a pallet.
Each pallet with loading is marked with its characteristics, such as expiry date and so on. Under such conditions of storage it is impossible to damage the goods as a result of stock-processing and environmental factors and the risks of storage are minimized.
Types of loads
The storage of explosive, flammable goods and goods with a strong smell is not envisaged in the warehouse complex. Separate territories with ventilation and temperature regime, demanding special conditions of storage will be envisaged.
Specialization of the warehouse complex of ULS in the universal loads and the existence of separate territories for the special loads makes impossible its damage because of the proximity with other goods with special properties. Each load cell is in a separate storage area, on a pallet or shelf, which provides a separate easy access and secure storage.
Warehouse systems
In the warehouse complex of ULS the storage of goods of different types of warehouse system is envisaged: block floor storage, in-line pallet racks with side loading, entrance racks, cantilever racks, shelving racks, multi-level shelving system and seasonal systems.
Such kinds of system of storage includes the location of each logistic unit (pallet load, box, bay, bag, container) separately in its own box(the storage of goods in two level, one on the other one is impossible), which, besides all, provides convenient access to the cargo units for the picking, inventory and monitoring. Application of modern European warehouse systems and principles of storage make impossible the damage of goods as a result of storage.
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