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10 reasons to cooperate with us

World Trend
The transfer of logistics/ processes and infrastructure/ on outsourcing is a sustainable global trend. The all leading world companies use the services of logistic operators all over the world.

The productive and commercial enterprises are concentrated on their key competition and they do not waste their forces and resources on logistics.

Economy of expenses
The use of warehouse opportunities of logistic operator guarantees the economy of investments in logistic/warehouse/ infrastructure.

There is no need to build or rent warehouse territories and equip them with expensive warehouse equipments. The interest rates of credits/rent/ on warehouse infrastructure will be more expensive than the cost of any logistic services.

Professional responsibility
You can`t compare professional responsibility and professional services of specialized company with those logistic processes, which you organize in your enterprise.

You can compare the service of logistic operator with the repair of the car: theoretically all of you can do, but the professional responsibility, quality and safety of the firm will allow you to get the completely other level of service.


The flexibility and permanent readiness to provide any type of services will allow the logistic operator to be a support for the development of the enterprise in case of any market conditions. Logistic operator works on 24/7 basis without holidays, his works do not depend on the season, crisis and other reasons.

Any new business-project or expansion of an existing business or its modification( the transition of delivery of boxes to the deliver in pieces/ are possible without additional expenses with the provision of the service of 3PL operator.


Minimization of costs
Minimization of costs on logistics/ transport, customs house, warehouse, delivery and so on/ is ensured at the expense that you pay for the services on basis of real volumes of movement and keeping of products. That is to say when during off-season or the crisis, there are no receipts and shipments, you minimize your costs.

Only with logistics operator it is possible to transfer the permanent expenses into permanent ones, namely to improve the financial health of your company.


European quality
European quality of logistics, which is guaranteed by the logistic operator ULS from the point of view of the guarantee of the services and safety for commodities and materials is considered to be unique for Armenia.

The warehouse is a face of the company. It is very important for your suppliers and clients in which conditions the goods are kept/ cleaning, temperature, humidity/ and the high level of security.


Integrated services
The complexity of provision of logistic services is a basic condition for the work of 3PL operator. The acquirement of all types of logistic services “ from a single source” is very convenient and economic, there is no need every time to find separate suppliers from different logistic services/transport, customs house, warehouse and so on/.

Competitive advantages
The Competitive advantages in the business can only provide cooperation with the logistics operator. At the expense of quality, speed, the economy of investments, the reducing of production costs, permanent expenses, new services and form of works with the market you may win in the competitive struggle of the business.

New opportunities
New possibilities of cooperation and collaboration in the market- this is the opportunity that the clients of logistic operators get, working on the one territory.

The clients of logistic operator are hundreds of productive, commercial companies, exporters and importers, commercial networks and different shops. All of them, keeping their goods in the warehouse, ordering different services, the opportunity to get new clients and suppliers without additional expenses, factually using the warehouse of logistic operator, as a warehouse of consignation for its delivery and uploading.


The support of start-up projects
The support and organization of start-up projects/ entrance to the market/ is considered to be a unique service of ULS logistic operator. We will provide legal consultation, will register the office, provide the accounting and all complex of logistic services/ from customs formation up to delivery of the order of the clients/.

We take the risk as a start of the new business for Armenian companies and entrance to Armenian market /international foreign companies/.

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