10 reasons to cooperate with us

Using warehousing services provided by professional logistic operators results in savings and lower investments in logistic (warehouse) infrastructure. As a result, there is no need to build or rent warehouse spaces, nor to equip them with expensive warehouse equipments.

Among the many advantages of working with a specialized company are the comprehensice full-package services provided by the logistic operator, which can hardly be compared with those delivered by even the most professional in-house staff. You can compare the services of logistic operator with those of car repair: theoretically you are able to do all that your car needs, but the professional responsibility, quality and safety of the firm will allow you to get a completely different level of service and results.

The comprehensive provision of logistic services is a basic condition for the work of 3PL operator. OR
The main idea behind 3PL operation activities is providing comprehensive logistic services.
The one-window approach for of all types of logistic services is very convenient and economic, there is no need for separate suppliers for different logistic services (transport, customs house, warehouse, etc.).

You can gain a significant competitive advantage by cooperating with the logistics operator. Your business may overcome the competition as a result of high quality services, speed, savings in investments, reduction of production and fixed costs, new services and innovative interactions with the market.

The logistics operator is constantly ready to support the development of the business of its clients regardless of the market conditions. The logistics operator works 24/7 without holidays, regardless of season, crises, and other factors.
Thanks to 3PL, launching a new business, expanding or modifying an existing one (for example, starting to deliver in units instead of boxes) is possible without any additional cost.

Using the services of our logistics operator you can reduce your costs (including transportation, customs house, warehouse, delivery, etc) to a minimum due to the fact that you pay for the actual storage and transportation services used on a daily basis. That is to say that during low seasons or crisis, when there are no shipments or need for transportation, you incur no costs.
With our help you can change your fixed costs into variable costs, thus improving the financial condition of your company.

Outsourcing logistics has become a growing global trend due to its efficiency throughout the course of years. Leading companies use the services of logistic operators all over the world allowing them to focus on their core business without spending any extra resources on on logistics.

European quality logistics provided by ULS is unique for Armenia in terms of the storage conditions and security guarantee.
The warehouse is the face of the company. The conditions the goods are kept in /hygiene, temperature and humidity/ and the level of security are crucial for your suppliers and clients.

New possibilities of cooperation and collaboration in the market: this is what the clients of logistic operators receive by working on a single platform. Hundreds of manufacturing and retail companies, exporters and importers, large networks of wholesalers, distributors and retailers operate on the same premises of the logistics operator. This allows the clients to build their network of suppliers and new customers while using the operator’s warehouse as their logistics center at no extra cost.
By storing goods in the warehouse, and ordering variety of other services, the companies get opportunity to find new clients and suppliers without additional expenses, using the warehouse of logistic operator as a warehouse of consignation for delivery and uploading.

Supporting start-ups and assisting them in entering the market is a unique service rendered by ULS logistic operator. We provide legal advice, accounting and full package logistic services all the way from customs clearance to door-to-door delivery/.
We eliminate all the risks Armenian and international/foreign start-ups may encounter when entering the Armenian market.
Logistic center:
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